imagesCAR0O3OVPilates is an exercise style that involves training your muscles to improve posture and alignment.

Our bodies and spines are designed to move in many different directions: flexion, extension, rotation and sidebending. If you can maintain these movements you will be able to stay flexible and strong, and prevent injuries and general aches and pains.

Pilates aims to keep you moving in all these directions, but is also perfect for helping you recover from injuries that may be currently preventing you from moving well and pain free. A good qualified instructor should understand your injuries and movements that are and are not appropriate for you.

Pilates also focuses on increasing your core strength: when your core is strong you enhance the little muscles in the body so you’re better able to support the larger ligaments, tendons and joints.


Why is it so good for you?

When our muscles are weak or out of balance they make compensations for each other which lead to instability and injury. Take your back for instance: if your posture is bad, your lower back and hips will the adjust themselves accordingly which means they’re essentially out of place.

Pilates encourages you to think about how you perform your everyday movements so when you leave the Studio you are still using the Pilates principles in your day to day tasks. It heightens your body awareness which inturn improves your overall agility, flexibility and strength. It helps you ensure your body is working at its optimal level all the time.


What are the benefits?

Muscle tone, increased strength and flexibility and improved overall mobility. Pilates will give you more of a holistic result than most other exercise regimes and it will make you focus on your breathing which is great for improving circulation and relieving stress. It’s a fantastic way to balance out your health and wellbeing.

Pilates is suitable for everyone; beginners, pregnancy, post partum, older adults, athletes and people with injuries. It’s very complimentary to any other exercise you may be doing, and we can also work on sports specific training for clients with specific goals or sports.

Pilates is also great for people with injuries, weak muscles and particularly bad posture because it encourages you to strengthen your problem areas in a relaxed and low impact way. It is advisable that anyone with serious injuries consults their doctor or physiotherapist.

Pregnant women should also get the okay from their doctor before proceeding, and post natal clients need to have had their 8 week check up before commencing.


Your First Session

Please arrive 10 minutes before your first session to fill a health screening form. For Pilates sessions wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in – leggings, track pants, singlet, t-shirt etc. You don’t need to wear shoes but please bring clean socks.

We provide water and all equipment. Feel free to bring your own water bottle to fill up at the studio.

Pilates classes

If you are new to Pilates, please call us on 0422418647 to book your first session.

Pilates has unique techniques and terminology not practiced in other forms of exercise, therefore it is important that people new to Pilates have a good understanding of these before moving into general classes. Learning these techniques before joining general classes will allow you to have a significantly better experience in class and benefit more from each and every exercise.

Here’s how you can get started:

Option 1
Our Introductory Package is a 4 session package one on one with your Instructor. The first session will include a full assessment and then move onto exercises specific for your body. It will also incorporate a range of mat and equipment exercises to ensure you can transition to a general class.

Introductory Package: $252

Option 2
Our Personalised Program Sessions are designed for clients who would like that extra personalised session but don’t want to do 1:1s. So think of it half way between a group class (6 people) and a 1:1.

If you are new to Infinity Pilates you will complete the Introductory Package first. During these sessions your instructor will determine your flexibility and range of movement, and identify potential muscular and skeletal imbalances in your body. We will also talk to you about your goals, whether that be pain management, increasing strength and flexibility or training for a specific sport or event. We will then design a personalised program for you to help you get the most out  of your Pilates sessions and achieve your goals. In the final session of the Introductory Package you will be taught your personalised program.
You  can then book into any Personalised Program Session on our timetable.

Whilst you are completing your Personalised Program you will still be supported by our instructors who will ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and being challenged and progressed. Your personalised program will be changed and expanded to include new repertoire as you get stronger and more proficient. There is a maximum of 3 clients per session.

Who would benefit from these sessions?

Clients who have injuries
Pre and Post Natal
Sport Specific

Casual Personalised Program Session  $40
5 sessions $180
10 sessions $350

There is a maximum of 3 clients per session.

Option 3

Beginners Pilates classes will be held from Monday the 14th of October onwards. These sessions are for people who want to learn the basics of Pilates or who have never done Pilates before. Once completed 4 beginners classes, you can then move into the normal timetable. Or, you can stay in the beginners class a little longer if you need some more time at that level.


Call Jen on 0422418647 for more information or to get started.



Done Pilates before? Then you can choose from these options.

Private Equipment session

1 hour Private session, focussing on strengthening, aligning, balancing and creating flexibility in your body. You will use the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine corrector.

Duo Equipment session

As per private but shared with a friend.

Mat classes.

A one hour mat class where you work through a range of exercises using your own body weight.

Equipment/Mat Pilates classes.

A one hour class incorporating Mat and Equipment exercises using Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector. The equipment incorporates springs to add or decrease assistance or resistance. You will also use props such as chi balls, magic circles and rollers.

Pre and Post Natal.

Focuses on strengthening the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, and postural issues associated with being pregnant and a new Mum. Bring your baby, and have an hour to focus on yourself.

Older Adult.

A gentle one hour class catering for people aged 55 years and above.


Pilates Pricing

Casual session: $30

10 pass $235: expiry 4 months

15 pass $289: expiry 6 months

30 pass $510: expiry 7 months

Beginners Pilates casual: $30

Beginners Pilates 4 session pass: $100

Private Equipment session: $70 per hour

Duo Equipment session: $45 per person


Click here for the Pilates Online Timetable


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 8 hours of your class, your session will be forfeited. However if there is someone on the waitlist and they take your place, we will credit your pass back with that session.

We kindly ask that you complete our client contact form and bring it along to your first class. You can down load this here Client Contact Form