Personalised Program Sessions

This program is designed for clients who would like that extra personalised session but don’t want to do 1:1s. So think of it half way between a group class (6 people) and a 1:1.

If you are new to Infinity Pilates you will complete the Introductory Package first. During these sessions your instructor will determine your flexibility and range of movement, and identify potential muscular and skeletal imbalances in your body. We will also talk to you about your goals, whether that be pain management, increasing strength and flexibility or training for a specific sport or event. We will then design a personalised program for you to help you get the most out  of your Pilates sessions and achieve your goals. In the final session of the Introductory Package you will be taught your personalised program.
You  can then book into any Personalised Program Session on our timetable.

If you are already training at Infinity we can write your program for you during your first Personalised Program Session.

Whilst you are completing your Personalised Program you will still be supported by our instructors who will ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and being challenged and progressed. Your personalised program will be changed and expanded to include new repertoire as you get stronger and more proficient. There is a maximum of 3 clients per session.

Who would benefit from these sessions?

Clients who have injuries
Pre and Post Natal
Sport Specific

Introductory Package 4 sessions $252
Casual  $40
5 sessions $190
10 sessions $350


Call Jen on 0422418647 for more information or to get started.