How many people are in a class?

We have a maximum of 6 people in a class so you get lots of love.

I’ve never done Pilates before. What are my options?

If you are new to Pilates, you can start with theINTRODUCTORY PACKAGE.

Pilates has unique techniques and terminology not practiced in other forms of exercise, therefore it is important that people new to Pilates have a good understanding of these before moving into general classes. Learning these techniques before joining general classes will allow you to have a significantly better experience in class and benefit more from each and every exercise.

Our Introductory Package is a 4 session package one on one with your Instructor. The first session will include a full assessment and then move onto exercises specific for your body. It will also incorporate a range of mat and equipment exercises to ensure you can transition to a general class.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable – tights, leggings, trackies and clean socks- preferably gripper socks.

How long do sessions go for?

1 hour generally. Any shorter and you can’t get into the exercises, and any longer and you’d be fatigued and lose form.

Who can do Pilates?

Pilates can be adapted for everyone, and if you’re inflexible, we work on your flexibility, if you’re not terribly strong, we work on your strength. We always work at your level though, so there’s always something to do.

At what age can you start Pilates?

Pilates is pretty safe for all ages, but generally mid-teens is a good age, as you’ll need to have a fair bit of concentration and focus to get the most out of the exercises.

Will I get a 6 pack?!

Not necessarily, but all of your abdominals will get strong, including the 6-pack muscles, and more importantly the abdominal muscles that keep you upright all day are focused on a LOT!

Isn’t Pilates just for women?

No… Pilates was developed by a man for men, and then was adapted for both men and women, athletes, dancers and even pregnant and post-partum ladies…

Pilates looks really easy. Is it?

Pilates may seem easy, but when done correctly, using the correct muscles (and not using other ones) even the easiest exercises can be very hard. When you watch someone who has done Pilates for a while, they will make it look easy, but if you jump in and try it, you may be surprised!

The equipment classes are harder than the mat classes, right?

The machine work often has assistance from the springs, but the matwork makes you work against your bodyweight and gravity without any help at all. So the matwork is actually much harder!

Why don’t I feel stiff and tired after a session?

Because we get you strong and mobile, which makes you feel better! Our aim is to always have our clients leaving sessions feeling better than when they walked in.

Isn’t Pilates just like yoga?

Pilates has some stretching like yoga, but also has influences from other things like boxing, gymnastics and martial arts.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

It can, but it’s not the best way. (Ask us about this one!)

Will I build muscle doing Pilates?

You’ll build long lean muscles, so you will be strong but won’t bulk up.

My Doctor says I need to do Pilates because my back is bad. How long will it take to fix it?

Depends on how bad your back is! You should start to see some results quite soon.

Is Pilates safe in pregnancy and after birth?

Pilates is perfect for both. We focus on pelvic floor strength, correct engagement of abdominal muscles, helping with postural issues, in a safe, low impact way. All of our instructors have training and qualifications in pre and past natal exercise.

Do you have memberships or contracts?

No. We sell in blocks of sessions. You have a certain amount of time to use the sessions. You don’t have to come to the same session each week, you can choose the best class to suit your schedule. Click HERE for pricing and cancellation policy.

Our full terms and conditions can be found HERE

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